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Concinnity Consulting provide performance solutions for large organisations including the NHS, HSBC, Birmingham City Council and Virgin Trains through consulting, workshops, training and mentoring.

They were in the process of setting up a new website and wanted to update their brand image. This is where I was introduced to the project. With such an impressive clientele it was important for the new branding to reflect the quality of their business.

Concinnity had a clear direction and we worked closely together to achieve a striking design which enhanced the company image while being meaningful to their ideology. I also drew a set of icons and illustrations to depict different themes for use on the website, keynote and other marketing materials.

Animation depicting a Powerpoint presentation

Client testimonial

When I was looking for a Graphic Design and Brand Agency I found Paul Nicholas Design and have been completely delighted. I'd got very strong ideas of what I wanted, the business is 4 and half years old, I needed the logo redesigning, I needed clear brand identity and that required quite a lot of new graphic elements aswell.

What I wanted in a graphic design organisation was somebodywho knew more than I did and would challenge me, but would equally know when to back off whenI really knew what I wanted.What I found in Paul was that nice balance between “but this is the right thing to do, this is whatyou should be doing, I am the expert” and taking all of my ideas and making them better.Paul has been such a safe pair of hands - responsive, flexible, reliable I've got so much more than Ithought I was going to get and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul in the future.

Candy Perry, Concinnity Consulting Ltd

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